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An individual flower can be a perfect gift on those occasions when less is more and where love and affection are symbolised in a single gift. For couples and on special occasions, individual flowers are a perfect gift because of their simplicity, elegance and finesse, perfect for those who want to escape from the abundant and lush bouquets of flowers and prefer to opt for something more subtle but equally valid as a detail.

Order your individual flower in Floristería Morris

At Morris Florist we work with a wide variety of flowers to offer you a wide range of options when ordering your flowers online. We have transferred this same variety to our catalogue of individual flowers, so that you can enjoy all the options available and surprise that special person or loved one at an important moment or on a special date.

You can buy an individual flower in our online florist, where you will find sunflowers, red roses, white roses, blue roses, black roses and more varieties available to buy in individual pieces. A carefully cared for and pampered piece where preservation is everything so that it arrives in optimum condition at the time of giving.

Expert florists at your service

Floristería Morris is made up of specialists in the sector who have spent years dedicating their efforts to making the brand the best florist in Valencia. The hard work of these years has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the best online florists and we currently have a delivery service that allows all our customers to enjoy the delivery to their homes of the best freshly cut flowers without delays or unforeseen events.

As it is the customer himself who chooses the delivery date according to the availability of our calendar, at Morris Florist we only worry about delivering it on the appointed day so that everything goes perfectly. You won't have to worry about finding a florist near your home: Morris Florist will deliver your order to the address you indicate. Buying an individual flower as a gift has never been so easy.

In addition, our experience can help you choose the most appropriate individual flower according to the person to whom it is addressed or the reason for the celebration. Our years of service to customers who have placed their trust in us endorse us as the best florists available to order your orders online and enjoy them with the comfort and guarantees that we offer at Morris Florist.





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