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Funeral bouquets

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Saying the last goodbye to a loved one is a moment that requires the utmost serenity, poise, solemnity and pampering. Qualities that are represented in the sensitivity of our funeral bouquets, the perfect complements to add a touch of colour at a time of deep sorrow for those close to them.

With the attention to detail that has always characterised us, at Morris Florist we work with a wide variety of funeral bouquets, with different species of flowers capable of highlighting certain characteristics or others depending on the user's preferences.

Aware of the delicacy of the product we work with, and of the care and extreme care required in the preparation of a funeral bouquet, at Morris Florist we work with a very specific methodology, giving the best of ourselves to offer our customers the most carefully prepared bouquets, made with all the care that the occasion deserves, and always attending, as far as possible, to the preferences of those who place their trust in us.

100% authentic funeral flower bouquets

Guaranteeing the freshness and perseverance of the qualities that make natural flowers special is one of our priorities. That is why we work with the best selection of freshly cut flowers, in order to provide our customers with bouquets of authentic flowers that stand out for their aroma, freshness, texture and visual nuances.

They are the perfect complement to accompany the deceased and their relatives in such delicate moments. In addition, they act as a companion to the dedications that the relatives place next to the deceased with all their affection and nostalgia, adding a small dose of comfort and turning a solemn and grey ceremony into a gathering where the common affection professed by the attendees is symbolised by the colour and aroma of the best real flowers.

With the best 100% authentic flowers and all the love, care and attention to detail that we put into Morris Florist, in our online shop you can order the bouquet of funeral flowers that best suits your preferences. We offer you a wide variety of bouquets with different schemes and patterns, and you can also choose from several sizes, depending on how much you want to enhance the presence of the flowers during the funeral.





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